Greendale office centre gains the highest BREEAM certificate rating in Russia

September 8, 2015. The project of Greendale office centre has been awarded 'Outstanding' score according to the BREEAM International 2013 environmental efficiency certification, with the highest level of compliance. The office centre scored 88.5% in the certification assessment. This score is the highest achieved by any project in Russia. O1 Properties is the investor of the project while Spectrum group of companies is acting as general design organization. The certification consultant is JLL.

The Greendale is Class A office located within walking distance of the Mariina Roshcha subway station and in close proximity to the Third Ring Road. This is the first premium-segment office centre in the area. The complex will consist of two buildings with a total area of 43,662 square metres, including both multi-storey ground and underground parking.

The office centre project incorporates a great deal of advanced environmental technology, including: a "green" roof; a system for harvesting rainwater for use in irrigation; ventilation systems with repeated recovery; special high-transparency energy-efficient glass; the provision of an area for recharging electric cars; and the automation of internal and external lighting. The additional geobotanical, acoustic and hydrological studies were conducted during the design process, in addition to carrying out studies on the in-use life cycle of the facility in respect to its probable cost performance and environmental impact. Furthermore, the project was particularly focused on providing the high levels of comfort to future users within the internal environment, and therefore special attention was paid to the visual, thermal and acoustic properties, as well as to the indoor air quality during the design stages. The expected completion of the construction is in 2016 - 2017.

Alexander Ostrovsky, CEO of O1 Properties: “We pay special attention to implementation of environmental efficiency standards at our facilities. However, in this case construction costs are increasing up to 5-10%, but at the same time the long-term operating cost savings may reach 30%. Our office centre residents are primarily large international companies who appreciate a high level of comfort in "green buildings" and we are pleased that the features which gained us the top rating for the Greendale centre enable us to offer them the most advanced and environmentally friendly space for their business operations.

"Unique technologies that are not yet widespread in Russia were used for construction of the Greendale office centre. During the design stage, the Spectrum group of companies had to carry out a range of non-standard tasks and our team was very successful in this." said Vladimir Ivanov, managing partner of the Spectrum group, "Thanks to the successful certification of the facility under the BREEAM standard, the Spectrum Group is now included on the list of the few world companies that managed to design a building with such high levels of environmental performance”.

Ksenia Agapova, Head of Sustainability Services, JLL Russia & CIS: “The 'Outstanding' BREEAM international certificate received by the Greendale project indicates that the Russian market has now gained the sufficient experience in building high-quality, ergonomic, energy-efficient buildings to serve as a model for others, including the foreign professionals. Over 1 million square metres of real estate were certified in Russia last year and we do not expect the rate of construction of green buildings on the Russian market to drop , despite the challenging economic situation”.

The BREEAM method for assessing the ecological efficiency of buildings is the first environmental standard for assessing property and it was developed in 1990 by the non-profit research institute in the field of innovation in the BRE Global construction. A feature of the BREEAM assessment is the method of awarding points across a number of different sections, including aspects of health and safety, environmental impact and comfort.

The BREEAM certificate is a proof of a high level of construction quality, excellent performance of the facility, energy efficiency and that its environmental performance demonstrates high levels of comfort for people using the building. There is a total of just 186 buildings rated as 'Outstanding' worldwide.

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