O1 Properties supports Spain’s Kamchatka street Theater

June 2, 2017. Investment company O1 Properties is supporting performances in Moscow by the Spanish street theater troupe, Kamchatka, which will be held on June 16-18.

Kamchatka theater group was set up in Barcelona in 2006, since when it has toured in 27 countries and given more than 450 performances. The group already visited Moscow in 2016 with a production entitled Fugit. This year the Moscow public will be offered a new theatrical experience entitled Habitaculum.

Kamchatka has broken new ground in the international phenomenon of street theater. It was created by a group of actors of different nationalities and creative disciplines gathered around the director Adrian Schvarzstein and its focus has been the use of street-theater improvisation to treat the issue of migration. The group’s name comes from the title of its original production, which became the first of a trilogy of performances, in all of which the principal characters are immigrants. Kamchatka has a unique and exciting way of using public spaces and the people who inhabit them. Its theater abounds with emotion and sincerity.

Habitaculum is the third part of the trilogy (following Kamchatka and Fugit), dedicated to the story of migrating heroes, who travel the world in search of a better life. In Habitaculum they arrive in a new country and a new city, and find a house where they want to stay. The 10 migrants invite spectators into the dwelling – their ‘Habitaculum’. Spectators enter the house and move freely from room to room, become acquainted with its inhabitants and their way of life, and take a direct part in what goes on in the house.

The Bolshevik business  and cultural center, will serve at the meeting place and beginning of the tour around Kamchatka’s Moscow dwelling.

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  1. The annual charity concert will take place on White Square 21 June 2017
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