The outdoor territory of the White Square complex includes a fascinating sculptural and spatial composition entitled White City by the reputed sculptor Georgy Frangulyan.

The White City composition, which rises to a height of 3.5 meters, represents seven figures of men and women, executed in stainless steel and collage, which blend harmoniously with the surrounding space.

The figures symbolize seven representatives of the metropolis: they are schematic and indefinite, but at the same time distinctive and complete. The clear and definite outline of the figures emphasizes the rationality and accuracy of city life.

The composition is excellently matched with the context of the White Square business center. White Square has an established reputation among Muscovites both as a business hub and as a place for informal meetings and leisure. The sculptural group is located in the pedestrian section of the complex and its figures do not merely adorn the building facades, but continue the movement going on around them. As a part of the city, existing among its human inhabitants, the figures are at one with urban life, merging with the flow of people and the landscape.

The title of the composition emphasizes features of the site where it is installed, organically combining and complementing the business district formed by the White Square, White Gardens and White Stone business centers.

Georgy Frangulyan is a Russian sculptor. He is a Professor of the International Academy of Architecture, member of the Russian Academy of Arts, bears the title of People’s Artist of Russia and is a prize winner at international competitions.