Interactive kiosk information system was installed on White Square

October 9, 2014. Investment company O1 Properties placed an interactive kiosk information system on the grounds of White Square, to facilitate navigation in White Square office centre as well as in the nearby White Stone office center for visitors.

The kiosk is set up near building “C” opposite the exit from Belorusskaya metro station, to show visitors the exact whereabouts of tenants in office centers White Square and White Stone as well as the office location map. The kiosk also lists infrastructural facilities in both office centers, grouped by categories for the sake of user convenience. Now the search of a restaurant, café or ATM will take just several minutes. Moreover it is possible to see the timetable of airport express trains departing from Belorussky terminal. The kiosk is adapted to be used by people with disabilities.

Pavel Barbashev, Head of Asset management and Leasing of O1 Properties: “Interactive stands have successfully been used as navigation tools in large malls and we believe that a kiosk is also needed in this place, with several office centers being located a stone’s throw away. This is a helpful extra service for our tenants who will be now much easier to find for their partners and clients. The information about infrastructural facilities will also come in handy for people seeking leisure options here, given that the White Square has long been used both for business and leisure by Muscovites”.

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