Sculptural composition “White City” by Georgy Frangulyan was unveiled near the White Square office centre

September 29, 2014 - The unveiling of the sculptural composition “White City” took place on the grounds of the White Square office centre located near Belorusskaya metro station in Moscow. The project was created by prominent Russian sculptor Georgy Franhylian famous for such high-profile works, as the monuments to Bulat Okujava, Joseph Brodsky, Yegor Gaydar, and others. Boris Mints, famous entrepreneur and patron of art, Chailrman of the Board of O1 Group, supported this project.

The “White City” composition represents seven male and female figures set up in the pedestrian zone between the buildings of White Square office centre. The 3.5-meter figures are made of stainless steel using the collage technique, and fit into the surrounding urban space as a single object. The seven figures epitomize seven inhabitants of the megacity: they are conventional and featureless, but each is individual. A particular focus is placed on the clarity of silhouettes, highlighting the rationality and precision of the city life.

The place for the composition was not chosen accidentally. The White Square has long been widely popular among the city-dwellers as a robust office center and a popular venue for informal meetings and relaxation. The “White City” composition is built into the pedestrian part of the complex, the figures being not just a decoration of the facades, but also an extension of the city dynamism. Intermingling with people, the figures seem to be an integral part of the pedestrian flow and cityscape.

The name of the composition also accentuates the specifics of the place where it is installed. The “White City” now organically integrates and complements the business district, its skyline being dominated by the office centers White Square, White Gardens and White Stone.

Georgy Frangulyan, author of the sculpted composition “White City”: “These figures must emphasize the diversity of challenges faced by the urban sculpture. By no means is this composition an illustration to or comment on any specific event – the figures are not a “monument”, but a decorative element of the urban milieu, capable of striking a balance between architectural edifices of various styles and periods. This composition equally relates to humanity and architecture.”

Boris Mints, Board Chairman O1 Group: “Traveling around the world, I am delighted to see contemporary sculpture making its way in megacities. We live at a wonderful time that begets extraordinary forms and infuses new content in art. I am very happy to support the unique cultural project of Georgy Frangulyan who introduces a new perspective in the city’s architectural image, filling the place with some special meaning and making us ponder on the man-city relationship. The White Square attracts people and I am positive that the new sculpted composition will be a popular art object among Muscovites in due course.”

  1. Sculptural composition “White City” by Georgy Frangulyan was unveiled near the White Square office centre 29 September 2014
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